Topic Category

Papers containing original studies in all aspects of remote sensing are solicited. The following topics are included but are not limited to:

  • Sensor and Platform

o Optical/ Microwave/ Lidar Sensor

o Airborne /Satellite Platform

o Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Platform

  • Algorithm and Image Processing

o Detection and Classification

o Data Fusion and Data Mining

o 3D Generation and Modeling

o Lidar/SAR and InSAR Processing

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Web GIS

o Spatial Database and Analysis

o Data Quality and Spatial Standard

o Decision Support and Modeling

o Web Map Service/ Mobile GIS

  • Cloud Computing, Big data, and AI in Remote Sensing

o Remote Sensing Big Data Processor and Applications

o AI Technology for Remote Sensing Applications

  • Disaster Monitoring and Prevention

o Flood/Drought/Tsunami/Earthquake/Landslide/Forest Fire

  • Environmental Domain

o Climate Change

o Ecology and Conservation

o Urban Change Monitoring

  • Geological Remote Sensing Application

  • Remote Sensing Application for Public Health

  • Remote Sensing for Cartography and Mapping

  • Capacity Building and Outreach Activities