Student Award Mongolia

Student Award

In order to promote young scientists and students, the Student Award is given to around 10 young authors (the halt from the country/region and the other half from outside the country/region) with the age less than 35 who have presented excellent papers or posters at each ACRS. The award is sponsored by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the ACRS and selection of the winners are done by LOC. The certificate with a memorable gift will be presented to each awardee at the closing ceremony of ACRS.

Typical Procedure of the selection:

1. LOC shall set up the Student Award Committee consisted of remote sensing scientist and/or engineers.

2. The committee provide the Student Award Evaluation Sheet to the Chairs of each technical session with list of the speakers who are less than 35.

3. Each Session Chairs are requested to full the Evaluation sheet for the award candidates. The judges are requested to select No.1 to No.3 of the Session.

4. To do a fair evaluation, at least one from the Award Committee should also attend the session for evaluation.

5. After the session, the session keeper should collect the evaluation sheet from the Session Chairs and provide them to the Award Committee.

6. The Award Committee expert shall put all the scores to one excel file.

7.Calculate the average score of each speaker who is less than 35 and sort the Speakers according to the scores. Select winner candidates (five from the country/region and the other five from outside the country/region).

8. Finalize the winners at the AARS Award Committee to avoid too much overlap

and/or unbalance of the countries/regions of the winners.

9. Present the Awards to the winners at the Closing Ceremony of ACRS.